Ottawa, Canada


About me

I'm developing a solution for team management for knowledge workers designed to elevate team performance, evaluate employee productivity, and align team deliverables with the organization's strategy and goals.

I'm an experienced professional specialized in product management, software development, digital transformation, and remote work management. I'm analytical and practical, with a clear, logical view of reality that guides my thinking and problem-solving. I use my skills to create straightforward, effective solutions. I focus on practical outcomes and avoid unneeded discussions.

My personality type is INTJ-A, which means I'm strategic, logical, and always eager to learn. I'm confident and have a future-oriented mindset. I'm good at solving complicated problems and determined to achieve goals.

How my colleagues see me

Keywords: Critical and systemic thinking; Computational vision of reality; Synthesis and conception skills; It is extremely analytical and rational; Pragmatic; Common sense; Practical spirit; Vision of the future; Creativity; Institutional defense of the area; Understands systems; Avoid unnecessary discussions; Clear ideas; Knowledge and experience with technology and systems.

"Marcelo is a skilled person with a strong set of skills rooted in clear, big-picture thinking. This helps him break down tricky situations and come up with smart solutions. Marcelo can see what's coming and uses his creative problem-solving skills to come up with fresh ideas. He thinks logically and makes practical decisions.

Marcelo's deep knowledge of systems and technology is boosted by his broad experience in these areas. In his conversations, Marcelo looks out for the good of his group, focusing on helpful and important discussions while avoiding unnecessary arguments. Marcelo's good common sense helps him handle a wide variety of situations efficiently. In general, Marcelo's mix of skills and qualities make him a valuable team member, helping him succeed in many different areas."

Source: Remote Work Program Co-Workers / Brazilian Federal Government

What a personality test tells about me

"The Assertive Architect, or INTJ-A, is a variant of the INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) personality type from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), with the 'A' indicating assertiveness in the Assertive/Turbulent dichotomy, a newer addition from the 16 Personalities model.

The INTJ-A individuals are known for their strategic minds, high intellectual capability, and inherent desire for knowledge, coupled with a self-assured and even-tempered disposition that's characteristic of the Assertive trait. These individuals are future-focused, appreciate structure and order, and work best when given the freedom to solve complex problems independently.

As natural leaders, they are decisive, enjoy challenges, and tend to show a resolute determination in achieving their goals. They are often seen as private, rational, and intellectually rigorous, but can also be perceived as overly analytical or dismissive of others' feelings due to their emphasis on logic over emotion."

Know more about Assertive Architect (INTJ-A) here.

Some of my preferred quotes

"The consequences of failing to show up consistently are getting the results you deserve but not the ones you want."

"Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in ten years."

"To maintain our health, relationships, careers, skills, knowledge, societies, and possessions requires never-ending effort and vigilance. Disorder is not a mistake; it is a default. Order is always artificial and temporary."

"People think of success and failure as opposite things—that the more I succeed, the less I fail. But the right question is, “How do I fail, or how should I fail in ways that lead to the type of skill development and belief system that allow me to succeed long term?"

"One of the notable aspects of compound growth is that the furthest out years are the most important. In a world where almost no one takes a truly long-term view, the market richly rewards those who do."

“Many of life’s failures are people who didn’t realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

"I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days is 100 percent, and that’s pretty good."

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My formal education

Despite being a DIY and self-taught practitioner

Master’s Degree in Engineering – Technology Innovation Management

2018-2019 - Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

Final project: Assessing risk behaviour using data: what a cybersecurity company can learn from the use of telematics by the auto insurance market


Master’s Degree in Communication – Public Policy – Internet Governance

2013-2015 - University of Brasília, Brasília, Brazil

Thesis: Neutralidade de rede: Sistematização da produção acadêmica, discussão política no Marco Civil da Internet, e verificação de semelhanças entre os argumentos utilizados (Net neutrality: Systematization of academic production, political discussion in the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet and verification of similarities between the arguments used.


Specialization in Public Management

2006-2007 - Professor Paulo Neves de Carvalho School of Government, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Bachelor in Public Administration

2001-2005 - Professor Paulo Neves de Carvalho School of Government, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

What I have worked on

Remote Work & Teams Performance Consultant

Brazilian Federal Government - From 2020/04 to ongoing

I work on the development and implementation of one of the biggest Remote Work programs in the world - PGD - available to +600k federal employees. My main duties: Product Manager for the work management software and central data API, development of team performance tools, and consulting on remote work strategies.

Some achievements:



Remotefy - From 2023/08 to ongoing

Volunteer research, advocacy and consulting on team performance management, remote & flexible work management. I'm passionate about helping managers navigate the complexities of team management. If you're facing challenges in managing your in-office, flexible or remote team, I'm here to help. Feel free to reach out to discuss solutions and strategies or even just to exchange experiences. I'm always available for a chat! I can help if you are looking for:

- Transitioning to a flexible work culture based on performance;
- Strategies for effectively managing hybrid or remote teams;
- Assistance in putting a strategic plan into action;
- Outsourcing deliverables while controlling their deadlines and costs;
- A lightweight method to manage outcomes and teams;
- Reducing high manager-to-maker ratios.

Some achievements:

ChatPGD: AI chats dedicated to the PGD, powered by a wide range of documents, both official and unofficial, and are designed to provide quick answers about the Program. It is important to note that these bots do not replace the official information available on the PGD website. There are two versions available: a premium version, which uses the most advanced artificial intelligence engine, GPT-4 Turbo, available exclusively to OpenAI subscribers, and a public version, which operates with the Anthropic Claude Instant engine. Below are the links to access both chats. GPT-4 Turbo: Claude Instant:

Virtual Planning Assistant: Developed to assist team leaders in defining deliverables, elaborating delivery and work plans, and applying the 4Q1P and OKR-D methods. There are two versions available: a premium version, which uses the most advanced artificial intelligence engine, GPT-4 Turbo, available exclusively to OpenAI subscribers, and a public version, which operates with the Anthropic Claude Instant engine. Below are the links to access both chats. GPT-4 Turbo: Claude Instant:

OKR-D: It is the evolved OKR method designed to enhance strategic, tactical, and operational alignment in institutions by effectively linking objectives, key results, and deliverables. It categorizes objectives into operational, innovative, and transformational for a three-dimensional perspective.

Remote & Flexible Work Readiness Assessment: A personalized report on how to extract the full potential of remote and flexible work by transforming challenges into opportunities.


Brazilian IT Ottawa (Brito) - From 2022/03 to ongoing

I support BRITO, a group of Brazilian professionals with a career focused on Information Technology living in Ottawa, providing feedback on members’ entrepreneurship initiatives.

Volunteer Advisor

Invest Ottawa - From 2023/06 to ongoing

I'm available to help the Invest Ottawa community with the following issues: product-market fit, creating an MVP, customer discovery, customer success, pivoting, leadership skills, customer journey mapping, and onboarding and training.

Product Development Advisor

Rifa Tech - From 2020/04 to ongoing

I provide advice on the development and AWS cloud maintenance of the company's web application for non-profit fundraising.

Product Development Advisor

Concreboard - From 2019/08 to 2021/07

I provided guidance to transform a consulting service in concrete mix design into software.

Product Developer

Rifa Tech - From 2018/04 to 2020/03

I developed a solution to help a family member and grew it into a fundraising Software as a Service (SaaS) for charitable purposes and non-profit causes.


  • Conception, prototyping and product development;
  • Creation of a business that currently employs three people;
  • Deployment of processes for customer service, operations, marketing and product development.
  • 450+ Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) helped;
  • More than 7k campaigns raised funds successfully for non-profit purposes.

Product Manager

Brazilian Federal Government - From 2012/12 to 2017/12

I was one of the product managers responsible for the creation of the Digital Citizenship Platform - currently -, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that had the followings goals: 1) be a one-stop digital shop for all federal public services; 2) unify disperse user authentications in one common secure single sign-in; 3) allow citizens to order online public services and follow their requests; 4) offer user experience evaluation and reviews; 5) improve transparency and accountability through service performance dashboard; 6) simplify and digitize brick-and-mortar public services and automate administrative processes.

I also managed projects and teams responsible for innovation, performance management, strategic planning, workflow simplification, professional development, open data and transparency.

Some achievements:

Business Analyst

Brazilian Federal & Provincial Governments - From 2005/04 to 2012/12

Analysis, review, and support in the implementation of projects related to business information, simplification of public services, workflow optimization, culture change, strategic planning and KPIs.