Elevate team performance, evaluate employee productivity, and align team deliverables with the organization's strategy and goals

Designed for Knowledge Workers

Assess Employees' Work Accurately

Outcome-Driven Work Management

Marks a significant shift from traditional clock-in and clock-out practices by prioritizing accomplishments and results over time spent at work. This approach values the quality and impact of the work, fostering a flexible and autonomous environment that aligns employee efforts with organizational goals, enhancing innovation and job satisfaction.

Employees' Work Plans as a Team Management Framework

Establish clear expectations for employee contributions towards team deliverables. Documenting and monitoring expected work and agreements in plans offers a comprehensive system for evaluating employee performance.

Monitoring and Evaluation Cycles

Regular monitoring and evaluation of employees' work and team achievements offer a clear, objective method to measure performance and outcomes, avoiding the pitfalls of micromanagement.

Align Strategy and Planning with Project, Process and Team Management


An evolved OKR method enhancing strategic, tactical, and operational alignment in institutions by effectively linking objectives, key results, and deliverables. It categorizes objectives into operational, innovative, and transformational for a three-dimensional perspective. Click HERE and learn more about OKR-D.

Deliverables Plans

Contains the following information: “what” a team's work generates (deliverables), “how much” (target) of a deliverable will be produced by a team within a specific timeframe (date), “who” requested that this team produce this deliverable (requester), and “for whom” the deliverable is intended (recipient).

Expert Advice and AI Analysis

Consultancy to align strategy, projects, processes, and deliverables plans. To meet the specific needs of each team, virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence have been developed to replicate the mental process of consultants and assist teams and organizations in their planning.

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Transitioning to a flexible work culture based on performance

Strategies for effectively managing hybrid or remote teams

Assistance in putting a strategic plan into action

Outsourcing deliverables while controlling their deadlines and costs

A lightweight method to manage outcomes and teams

Reducing high manager-to-maker ratio

Free Assessment of Organizations' Readiness for Remote and Flexible Work

Take this assessment and receive a personalized report on how to extract the full potential of remote and flexible work by transforming challenges into opportunities.


Coming soon: REFLEX, a Remote & Flexible Work Management Framework that seamlessly integrates planning, projects, processes, and team management, unlocking the full potential of the future of work.

Framework Origin

REFLEX is a derivative of the Management and Performance Program of the Brazilian Federal Government (PGD), which was created to handle the dysfunctions of abruptly transitioning hundreds of thousands of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is based on empirical data collected throughout organizations and studies made using information gathered in interviews and focus groups with employees, managers, and leaders. We have written an article on this topic titled “From Chaos to Coordination: How the Brazilian Government is Setting a New Standard in Remote Work”.

The PGD has received widespread attention and recognition in Brazil, with some viewing it as a significant reform of the Federal Public Sector. Here are some links to news articles where the PGD is featured.

The team responsible for the development and implementation of the program is an example of what can be achieved with this framework. It consists of nine members, distributed across 5 countries, spanning 4 time zones and 8 cities. This team demonstrates that it is possible to harness talent from everywhere, assemble a high-performance team, and generate impactful outcomes.

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